Lazy Dodo

Lazy Dodo rum is meticulously produced on one of the most mesmerizing plantations of Mauritius and is assisted by a savoir-faire of 175 years old. The freshly collected molasses are fermented naturally for a specific period. Thanks to the master distiller know-how, the natural flavours of the sugarcane and exotic fruits, which are specific to the estates’ territory, are delicately extracted during the distillation process.

The rum will develop a particular and unique aroma during the ageing process; mainly in French oak barrels, during a period of up to 12 years. After an elaborated ageing process, the master cellar will blend different vintage rums: some from Oak barrel, some from new American barrels, some from used Bourbon barrels and some from used aged sugar syrup barrels.

Displaying its amber highlights with enticing fresh and exotic notes, the palate is well structured, mellow, bearing a citrus, softly sweet yet woody state. Lazy Dodo is the perfect combination of Mauritian flavours, both on its own (on the rock) or in cocktails.